A trip to Southern Trinidad

Palms on the east coast

At Wildfowl Trust
Whistling ducks, Wildfowl Trust
Yellow hooded blackbirds

Bubbling mud volcano!

Turnoff to Third Co Rd

Abandoned house, 3rd Co Rd
3rd Co Rd
Tippy houses and roads near Pitch Lake
Gooey pitch, Pitch Lake
Turnstones near the shore temple

Mosque near Waterloo

Hanuman statue near the Shore Temple

From the shore temple
Shore Temple, Waterloo

We had a trip to the south of the island stopping at the shore temple near Waterloo, the pitch lake, the mud volcanoes.  Then we travelled to see villages named for the companies that settled there after the War of 1812 – 1814.  Finally we visited the east coast and saw the avenues of cocoanut palm trees



From the balcony

Traditional house, Tobago
Our place Charlotteville
Fish coming in Tobago
Big net, Tobago
Motmot, Little Tobago

boobies on ta cliff, Little Tobago

Magnificent Frigatebird, Little Tobago

A trip to Charlotteville at the north end of Tobago, watching fishermen haul in their nets, looking for birds on Little Tobago and snorkeling amongst the beautiful fish and corals

Tropicbird, Little Tobago

A trip to Dominica

Ocean View

Central Roseau
Roseau, Sunday morning
Roseau mural
Mural in Roseau
Rainforest green
Rainforest beauties
Rainforest greenery
Emerald pool
Off on our hike!
Someone’s spot in the rainforest
Our gang on a hike
Dasheen or callaloo
On the road

Carib copra operation
Post office
Traditional boat with bottom made by expanding wood

A couple of months ago we had a work trip to Dominica but I am only now posting the photos.  Andy and I went a bit early to join a couple of others from our group for a chance to see around the island.  Dominica was a relaxing change from the hustle and bustle of Trinidad.  We had a nice hike in the rainforset past little plots where people grew vegetables like dasheen and came in to harvest them from time to time.  And Roseau is a low key city with some historical buildings, lots of murals and a main street along the waterfront.  Late one day we drove with the group to visit some famous hot and hotter pools in the jungle, very popular with local people as well as us.  And the next day we drove and hiked to Emerald Pool, a splash pool  at the bottom of a waterfall.  Going to and from the airport we drove through a Carib settlement and stopped in to see a man drying and preparing copra for sale.  In the same village was a family operated bakery making cassava bread.

Trip to Tobago

Leaving Port of Spain

Our police friends
At the police caravan
Bras for sale!
The ferry
The Nylon Pool
Princess Margaret had her honeymoon here but its a ruin now
House on a boat
Buccoo Bay
Buccoo Beach

We had a work trip to Tobago mostly to observe the launch of a police caravan there.  At the launch we met many of the police we knew from Port of Spain and got to watch the show they put on for the Tobagans.  We stayed in Buccoo village where we ate delicious food, the best of our time in Trinidad and Tobago, and snorkeled on the famous Buccoo Reef among the gorgeous fish and corals.  We stopped at the Nylon pool so called because princess Margaret spent her honeymoon here and commented that the water was as clear as her nylons.  Our guest house was unprepossessing but perfectly located to observe the fishing boats coming in each day with their catch and the buyers arriving to take fish away in coolers.

Buccoo dock

A trip to Grenada

Yaught club dinner

Overlooking St Georges
By the falls
St Georges
St Georges market
We always knew it!

The yellow man taxi!

St Georges

St Georges waterfront
From the castle
St Georges from the castle
How many crabs can you spot?

We were lucky to have a work trip to Grenada, a charming hilly country with seemingly endless beaches.  Luckily our workshops had to end at 4 :30 each day which gave us time to walk to the beach,

Our gang at the beach

past the many crabs which disappeared down their holes as our shadows approached, for a swim and dinner.  We stayed on for a few extra days and hired a taxi driver who calls himself the yellow man to take us around the island.  We saw the nutmeg for which the island is famous and an old cocoa plantation where they still make delicious chocolate as well as monkeys and waterfalls.  Then we spent one day exploring the picturesque capital of St Georges with its gorgeous market, its castle and its busy harbour.

Asa Wright Nature Centre

Tropical mockingbird

Female white lined tananger


White collared jacobin
Purple honeycreepers, male and female
Natural swimming pool in the Arima River
Jungle near the pool
Big yellow lizard
butterfly orchid
Heliconia in the jungle
Yellow bamboo
Set for dinner
Haze over the jungle at sunset
Christophene blanketing the hills
Christophene hanging from wire trellises

An internationally famous birding centre nestled in the northern hills of Trinidad this is a getaway even non birders would enjoy.  We were in a cabin with a view over the Arima valley.  Toucans sat outside our window in the morning and hummingbirds and honey creepers came to feeders set up around the verandah of the main lodge.  It is rainy season and the first afternoon we were indoors with the rain pounding down.  But every time the sun peeked through the birds were out looking for food.  The next afternoon was clear and there were not nearly as many birds.  Agoutis looking like giant rats padded by under the hummingbird feeders and a giant yellow lizard made an appearance.  Each day a naturalist took us on a jungle walk and thankfully we never saw any of the 4 types of poisonous snakes which are in the area.  When we returned from our walks we headed for a natural pool a half a kilometer up the road for a lovely cool swim, the coolest we have had in Trinidad.  The hills around the preserve were blanketed with christophene growing on wire trellises with the avocado shaped fruit hanging down.


After the rain the streets are flooded and walking is tricky!

Rainforest hills
Steel band gear for the road
Kids practicing steel band
Our place, Eastern Main Road
Golf in the rainforest
Eastern Main Road, St Augustine
Flamboyant trees in bloom
Old and new Port of Spain